We've left the EU so what are the impacts on the road transport industry?

What are the impacts on the road transport industry, after Britain exit the European Union? With many in the industry worrying about what the future holds we decided to address the issues and answer the question everyone wants to know the answer to….how will our exit from the EU affect us?

As we stand today, the truth is, NOBODY knows! All government advice and guidance was withdrawn on 28th January 2020.

The only honest advice that we can give on the effects that Brexit will have on the road transport industry is to not believe all the scaremongering tactics that are being published in articles online by many different companies.

We understand that the earliest any changes will come into force will be 1st January 2021. So please don’t start panicking and changing anything as of yet. Just sit tight, carry on as you are and look out for any updates that are issued within the next few months!

As soon as we know anything, we will be passing it all onto you! But if you want to keep as up to date as you can with it all, the information will be released here first https://www.gov.uk/guidance/carry-out-international-road-haulage-after-brexit

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