Vans to come under EU rules very soon

In August 2020, Regulation 2020/1055 came into force.

From 22nd February 2022, vans with a Gross Vehicle Weight between 2.5 tonnes and 3.5 tonnes undertaking the transportation of goods internationally will need to prove they have left the UK.

This will mean that vans must be equipped with a smart tachograph.

In vehicles which are not yet so equipped, the crossing of Member State borders must be recorded in the tachograph at the nearest possible stopping place at or after the border.

Transport operators will be expected to bear the costs of training staff to deal with these new requirements.

Operators using vans in this way will in the future need to show a minimum financial standing to ensure that they have the means to carry out operations on a stable and long-lasting basis (as Traffic Commissioners currently require in the UK for each heavy goods vehicle (HGV) an operator runs) . However, since the operations conducted with these vehicles are generally of a limited size, the financial standing rules will be less demanding than those that apply to operators using HGVs.

The details within Regulation (EU) 2020/1055 are not yet ratified and are subject to change before the Regulation applies in Feb 2022.

So is your company ready for the changes coming into force. Now is the time to act.