Unmarked lorry on A1 helps Lincolnshire police stop 49 vehicles!

Forty-nine vehicles have been stopped on the A1 during a three-day operation targeting large goods vehicles last week.

Operation Tramline saw Lincolnshire police officers use an unmarked HGV lorry.

During the three days of action, 49 vehicles were stopped; 32 HGVs, 11 LGVs and six private vehicles.

Police report 46 offences identified in total.

Inspector Marc Gee from the Specialist Operations Unit, said: "It's disappointing when people take risks with their lives on the roads. It takes it to another level when they are driving a large goods vehicle which has the potential to cause huge damage and endanger countless other road users.

"The intention of the operation is to enforce against fatal 4 offences that increase the risk to drivers and other road users, and try and engage with those people to improve road safety in Lincolnshire and reduce serious collisions.

"Officers from our Specialist Operations Unit will continue to use the unmarked lorry at various times throughout the year to ensure motorists who commit offences are identified and dealt with appropriately."

Offences were as follows:

Mobile phone – 3 Seatbelt - 37 Construction and use offences – 2 Driving without Due care – 2 No Insurance – 1 Drivers’ hours – 1

The offences were dealt with as follows:

Words of advice were given in two cases.

41 traffic offence reports were issued - this means the driver will either be offered an education course, handed a fine and points on their licence or go to court.

Two graduated fixed penalties were given out to drivers of foreign lorries.

One vehicle seized for having no insurance.

One case was dealt with using the VDRS (vehicle defect reification scheme).

Operation Tramline is a national operation, supported by NPCC, working in partnership with Highways England. It focuses on seatbelt, mobile phone, careless and dangerous driving offences.

This Operation runs in conjunction with #ProjectEdward which is a project called Every Day Without a Road Death.

For more details follow @ProjectEdward on Twitter or click into the link: Project Edward

There is NEVER an excuse for committing offences like the ones detailed in the article, are you aware of your legal obligations as a driver? if not then you MUST ensure that you find out what they are and adhere to the legislation at all times. Failing to do so could see you face prosecution.

NTP has put together a series of short, online training courses for drivers of heavy goods vehicles. These courses are designed to help drivers understand their legal obligations and find out exactly what they should be doing and when. CLICK HERE to visit our online training centre and find a course that suits you.

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Article Source: https://stamford.nub.news/n/lincolnshire-police-use-unmarked-lorry-in-a1-safety-blitz?fbclid=IwAR2ULe8hWmKedVtxTcLr3M8uNOQ7FBtgmDXRTGaSyPjHy7KkpR90Ckwq9Bg