Traffic Commissioners Annual Report Published


Regulators say the industry has much to be proud of

Annual report brings welcomed news on the braking front.

The Traffic Commissioners for England reinforced in their latest annual report that the non-compliant are in the minority.

After the regulators urged the industry to pay urgent attention to the safety of brakes on commercial vehicles, more and more operators have been investing in roller brake testing. Since 2014, the number of vehicles and trailers failing their MOT for poor brake performance has reduced by one third. That is a massive improvement.

Although this announcement is both positive and encouraging, there is still a way to go.

Some of the common issues still seen at Public Inquiries:

  • Vehicles tested unladen with wheels locking at low brake efforts

  • Failure of technicians to identify potentially serious road safety issues

  • Transport managers and operators that don’t understand the printouts

  • Pass printouts for vehicles where brakes are clearly not working as they should

  • Lack of understanding that the PMI standard applied must be above the minimum MOT standard (if the vehicle is to remain safe until its next inspection)

You can view the full report here: Traffic Commissioners Annual Report 2018-19

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Article Source: Office of the Traffic Commissioner

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