Revised guidance on categorisation of defects

The DVSA has updated its guidance on how they categorise vehicle defects in roadside checks and vehicle tests.

This guide outlines the actions to take when roadworthiness defects are found during vehicle inspections.

It aims to promote consistency amongst DVSA and Authorised Constable examiners.

It is also useful for vehicle owners, operators and drivers for awareness of their standards.

The revisions

The changes include:

  • the introduction of tyre pressure measurement at the roadside for single fitment tyres.

  • engine malfunction indicator lamp defects and additional notes for emission control system faults.

  • extra notes for assessing lighting defects and number plates updates to indirect vision devices new defects for modified seatbelts.

The revision record (Appendix A of the manual) has also been updated, which identifies all the changes in this guide.

You can find the revised categorisation of defects document on GOV.UK

As a driver, owner or operator it is your responsibility to ensure that you and your vehicle(s) are fully compliant and roadworthy. You should complete a walkaround check before any journey and have a maintenance program in place.

To help you understand, and know how to be compliant, we have created a number of training courses that can be completed online. These courses are suitable for drivers, owners, transport managers, operator licence holders and transport office staff. Click here to view the range of available online courses and find out more.

Courses are suitable for HGV and PCV.

Source: Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency

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