CPC training bottleneck in wake of Covid-19 could hit driver supply and slow recovery

The driver shortage crisis could be exacerbated in the wake of Covid-19 as drivers struggle to make up their CPC driver training hours, fleet managers are warning.

According to an independent survey, commissioned by Fleet Source, fleet managers fear there will be a supply crisis on Driver CPC training in the wake of Covid-19 which could hamper the logistics industry’s recovery.

Fleet Source chief executive Nick Caesari said: “More than half the fleet managers we spoke to were worried that their drivers would fall behind with their CPC training.

“One operator told us that they anticipated a major bottleneck on driver training as operators played catch-up on CPC hours. Another wondered how many training providers would still be in business to satisfy the post-crisis demand.

“Nearly half the fleet managers we spoke to, said they wouldn’t be prepared for cost increases as one of the knock-on effects of the impact of the supply issues and as training providers attempt to recoup their losses.”

The Fleet Source survey revealed that:

• 94% of all booked driver training had already been or was due to be cancelled • 57% said that their drivers would be behind with CPC training hours • 47% feared that demand for driver training courses would be greater than supply • 44% said they would not be prepared for cost increases • 31% thought they would struggle to schedule in courses

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Article Source: https://motortransport.co.uk/blog/2020/05/12/cpc-training-bottleneck-in-wake-of-covid-19-could-hit-driver-supply-and-slow-recovery-fleet-managers-warn/