2020 Driver CPC course dates released

After the September 2019 CPC deadline, you may have noticed that we have not been hassling you to get your CPC Training booked in for the first years training because we thought you all deserved a break from it!

But now it’s time to start thinking about your training again. With the rush that we had before the deadline with people leaving it to the last minute to complete, with many missing the deadline due to the demand being too high for training companies to cope, we know it’s best to get started now!

After witnessing this happening for the second time this year, we cannot stress enough the importance of training once per year. We hear so many times of people telling us they can’t afford to have 5 days off training in a year….so don’t!! All we are asking is for you to find 7 hours each year to attend a training session. When you think 7 hours out of 8760 seems very simple. If you can’t find 7 hours of free time in a year, then you have a much more exciting life than us!!

We do our best to cater for everyone’s requirements, that’s why we run courses at various locations across the UK and can train on weekdays or weekends…whichever suits you best!

With all this in mind, we have released all our weekend open course dates for the first year of this round. These will be sold on a first come, first served basis. A 25% deposit payment will be required per place. If the deposit payment is not received, your place will be cancelled. With the demand for courses being so high, we cannot hold places without a deposit.

Our 2020 Driver CPC Training dates are as follows:

Spalding Thursday 9th January 2020 (EFAW) Saturday 18th January 2020 Saturday 29th February 2020 Saturday 18th April 2020 Saturday 6th June 2020 Saturday 18th July 2020 Saturday 5th September 2020

Norwich Saturday 1st February 2020 Saturday 14th March 2020 Saturday 25th April 2020 Saturday 20th June 2020 Saturday 8th August 2020

Lincoln Saturday 25th January 2020 Saturday 7th March 2020 Saturday 18th April 2020 Saturday 13th June 2020 Saturday 25th July 2020

Sheffield Saturday 15th February 2020 Saturday 28th March 2020 Saturday 16th May 2020 Saturday 4th July 2020 Saturday 22nd August 2020

Ely Saturday 8th February 2020 Saturday 21st March 2020 Saturday 9th May 2020 Saturday 27th June 2020 Saturday 15th August 2020

Bedford Saturday 22nd February 2020 Saturday 4th April 2020 Saturday 30th May 2020

If you would like to book on any of the above dates, please call us on 01406 424500

You can find out more about Driver CPC requirements by CLICKING HERE

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