Online Transport Manager - 100% PASS RATE - 1/2 price celebration

Examinations to gain a Certificate of Professional Competence in Road Haulage Operations are underway across the country today and the pressure is on for us, we have a lot to prove! I'm pleased to report that as the day goes on that pressure is easing because we've been receiving lots of great news. Our current reports, as of now, show that all our students have passed and that gives us a 100% pass rate with our course. We are so proud of all of our students, they've worked hard and thoroughly deserve those PASSES, well done to everybody. To celebrate our new 100% pass rate we are giving you the opportunity to join us and sign up for the UK's first and only fully interactive online Transport Manager CPC course for half-price. You may be wondering why would we half the price when we're achieving these results, well the answer is simple. We want more people to join our online learning centre, we want more people to enroll on our course and most importantly we want more people to pass, and our course shows that it's achievable. Our course proves you can pass and i'll let you into a secret, we have a staff member who doesn't know anything about transport and simply does administration however, today they went and passed! I'm not joking, they studied our course, put the effort in to revise and totally smashed their exams today hitting a mark of 85% in the multiple choice alone. We didn't force our employee to do this, we wanted to improve their knowledge of the industry and we wanted to prove to ourselves that it can be done and this has shown. On top of not knowing about transport, this employee isn't a computer whizz either so not only has the course proved itself as an amazing learning methods its also proved itself as an amazing user friendly platform. For this weekend only (Until Midnight Sunday) YOU can join us and become one of our students. You can sign up and enroll on the online Transport Manager CPC course for half-price and you can even spread the cost over 3,6,9 or 12 months!. Buy Course Access Outright - £450.00 inc VAT 3 Month Payment Plan - £170.00 per month inc VAT 6 Month Payment Plan - £85.00 per month inc VAT 9 Month Payment Plan - £56.66 per month inc VAT 12 Month Payment Plan - £42.50 per month inc VAT *The total cost of the course for payment plans is £510.00 inc VAT (normal price inc VAT is £1020.00 for payment plan customers) These are crazy prices for Transport Manager CPC and you will NOT find this course anywhere else and you will not find any kind of Transport Manager CPC course at this price anywhere! What a deal!!!! What are you waiting for? This is your opportunity to start learning and achieve your goal of gaining the Transport Manager CPC. Our course has proved itself, our students have proved themselves and its now time for you to shine! REALLY REALLY IMPORTANT............. To get this discount you need to follow the steps below: 1. Go to https://www.myoperatorlicence.co.uk/cpconline 2. Select the payment method you want (i.e. full payment for payment plan) 3. Click the button that says BUY 4. At checkout enter the code 'PASS' 5. Receive your confirmation email and login to start learning We hope you join us and we'll be here ready and willing to help you get that PASS!


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