Changes to OCRS (Operator Compliance Risk Scores) and how they affect you

From 24 April 2018 the new Earned Recognition Scheme came into effect, adding a Blue category to the risk scores.

If you run transport in your business and you run under an operator licence, regardless of what type of licence you hold,I.E.; restricted, standard national international, you will fall into one of the categories below OCRS (Operator Compliance Risk Scores)

The New Earned Recognition Scheme is available to operators who meet a certain set of criteria and is based on sharing tachograph and maintenance data with the DVSA, you will also need to have a DVSA-validated IT system for vehicle maintenance and drivers’ hours, this will monitor whether you’re meeting a set of key performance indicators (KPIs). The new earned recognition scheme is based on rewarding operators who are serious about road safety and if you can meet the criteria you will be accepted on to the scheme and achieve a Blue status.

What does Earned Recognition, (blue status) mean? A blue status means that you are less likely to be pulled over for roadside stops and inspections.

Many companies have signed up for the new earned recognition scheme meaning that the DVSA now have more time to target the worst offenders I.e. those who fall into the other score categories.

It is vitally important that you know your risk score, knowing your risk score will help you to gauge when you will be pulled i.e. red = high risk operator = immediate pull = DVSA inspection = possible loss of licence!! Don’t let this happen to you.

Take action, know and correct any errors quickly. You can do this by looking at your maintenance systems & scheduling records and making sure they are up to date and filled in correctly. If you don’t know how then take advice, have an audit or do a self-audit. You should also check driver licences every 6 weeks, check your drivers hours records, analyse your tachographs every month and address infringements promptly. There are some very cost effective online solutions that can solve many of these problem’s for as little as £5. Re-read your operator licence, check the obligations that you signed up for when you were granted the licence and make sure you are adhering to them, if you are in any doubt, get help, don’t leave it to chance, there is lots of free information & blogs on the internet where you can find more information about operator licensing requirements & obligations, If you need any guidance just call one of our team, we are here to help NOT judge.

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