Transport Manager – Top Tips to help you PASS!

Exam day is looming for those studying to gain a Certificate of Professional Competence in Road Haulage, it’s time to get fully prepared and ready to smash those exams and gain a PASS!

Use our top tips to help you PASS!

1. Create study goals for yourself

Be disciplined and set a goal to commit to revising for a set amount of time each day. You need to store as much information as possible so revision is essential

2. Chew Gum

No we’re not kidding. Research has shown that if you chew gum whilst studying and then chew the same gum during the exam you’re more likely to remember the information you banked when studying. Who knew right!

3. HIIT Sessions

HIIT training is normally associated with exercise however; the same principle can apply when preparing for your exams. Have short sessions of revision with regular breaks.

4. One at a time

Don’t jump between topics when revising; learn everything you need to know for one topic before moving onto the next. Jumping from topic to topic will only confuse you when it comes to exam time. Our brains work like filing cabinets, i.e. your topic is your file and everything you learn within that topic goes into the file.

5. Testing Time

Test your knowledge of each topic by testing yourself once you’ve revised and think you’re ready. Doing this will show you where knowledge gaps are and what you need to go over again

6. Don’t stress yourself out

Easier said than done I know! But I mean it, don’t stress out over getting question wrong just go back over the topic and revise again. Getting frustrated and having a paddy with yourself really won’t help you come exam day. If you need to take a break!

7. Be Prepared

Get organised and make sure you know where you’re going on the day, what time you need to be there, what time the examinations run, what you need to take with you and find out the rules for the examination, for example, it could be forbidden to leave the room before a set period of time. You don’t want to be breaking the rules and getting kicked off the exam do you?! Its vital you are fully prepared.

8. Exam Conditions

Practice at home under exam conditions and see how you do, if you’re running out of time then you need to come up with a plan to resolve this, if you’re struggling in certain areas then you need to recover those topics. Exam condition practice will help you prepare and you’ll be calmer on the day thanks to your planning.

9. Extra Training

If you’re really struggling now is the time to speak to your tutor, get your head back in your home study pack or get online and get revising. If you don’t understand anything its going to help you to speak to your tutor or support team so they can help you gain a clear understanding. It may also be time to sign up to some extra study classes or online courses

10. Know that you’re ready to PASS

OK this is a difficult one because if you’ve been training in the classroom or through a home study pack then it’s harder to measure if you’re ready but as a guide you should be getting over 70% on each exam every time. If you’re not or you don’t know if you are then you need to find out, you must be confident enough to know you’re ready.

11. Mock Exams

Past papers and mock exams are a great resource if you can get hold of them. It would be a huge benefit to you if you were able to practice random mock exams at home under timed conditions, get hold of these if you can as they’ll help you get prepared and you’ll know what to expect on the real examination papers. TOP TIP: Some questions may appear on these years exams!

12. Everything you need to pass

OK so this one is not so much a tip but a resource, a resource that will help you understand if you’re ready for the exams and a resource that will help you identify areas you need to brush up on in order to pass the exams. We have an online course called mock examination papers (the actual title is much longer but that doesn’t matter), this online course is made up of a series of R1 (multiple choice) and R2 (case study) mock examination papers. Within this course you get to opportunity to access all these papers and complete them online and they’ll be marked for you!! The R1 exams will be marked instantly on screen so you’ll know exactly where you need to brush up and where your flying through. The case studies are all emailed to our experienced Transport Manager tutors who will mark them are return them to you via email so you’ll also know again where you need to brush up and which areas you’re already up to standard with.

Handy? I think so!

You can find out more about the course and the benefits here https://www.myoperatorlicence.co.uk/mockpapers . Oh and by the way, as thanks for reading this blog and to help you get ready we’re giving you a discount of £80 off this course, just enter the code mockexam at checkout to get the discount

Good Luck!

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