Why you need to stop saying that!

"We've always done it that way"

Have you heard that before? I'm guessing you have and do you find it frustrating? We do too!! I'm sure you know how it feels to have a great product or service that you know will be the best option and offer much more to a client than they are currently receiving, only to find that they won't give you the opportunity because they've always done it that way! Argh, doesn't it drive you mad?! You know that your product will save the client money and you know it’s an easier solution for them and yet they still haven't taken you up on your offer. Why? You question yourself, why can't I win this business and why doesn’t that client trust this solution. I have the answer, its change. People fear change, they fear the unknown, and they worry about the cost of investment and worry about not knowing the process. All of this makes them say "we've always done it that way" and not buy from you, but let me tell you a little secret, change is good! You don't agree, OK, let's think about the times where you've done it the way you always do, did you get the same result? Did you get a better result; did you want a different result? I know that actually you wanted a different result because as we change as individuals and as our businesses change with growth so do our needs and this reflects in the results we want from a product or service we invest in. So whilst we'll accept the same result in reality we really want a different one, a better one. Do you know what you have to do to get the new desired result? CHANGE! Yes it's scary, yes it’s the unknown and yes it's a risk but it could be worth it and it could change your business forever. Here's something that was shared with us recently and it really helped us think about change and how we must embrace it....

"If you've always done what you always do, you'll always get the same result so if you want something to change and you want a different result change the way you're doing it."

It's been the best thing I have heard in a very long time and it's true. We wanted change and we wanted different result so we had to change something, and we did with great success. NTP Services have become the first company in the UK to offer a full range of online training services solely aimed at those involved in road haulage. We created this because the industry needed a change, our clients needed a change, they needed something that could benefit their business along with something that would reduce downtime and save money. They needed a solution and that's what we bring you with our online training centre. I'm using that scary word again....CHANGE! Now hear me out! I know you've never trained online but that doesn't mean you can't. Our online courses are for everyone involved in road haulage and even those with basic computer knowledge can do them. You don't need to be a wiz with IT to use our system. As with all our training we've kept our courses jargon free, easy to understand and most importantly easy to use!! WHY SHOULD YOU DO IT? Because it will help you, remember what I said earlier about being frustrated because you know your product will help people, well that person is me and I know my product will help you. How do I know? Because none of us know everything and nor can we remember everything and with legislation updates in this industry and prosecutions on the rise it’s of vital importance that we are continuously moving with the times. I know that you will benefit from this course; I know your staff will. I also know that I'll reduce your training costs with our online training centre because with this solution I'm removing the need for downtime, I'm taking away the cost of travelling to training courses and I'm charging up to 70% less for the same information (actually more but we don't want to brag!!) you would get from a classroom based course. I'm giving you more than you'll ever get through traditional training by offering you course access and updates for an entire year! I'm also offering full support from our experienced trainers via email, support groups and telephone! I'm letting you have access to an online training centre where you and your staff can learn 24 hours a day, 7 days per week so you don't have to wait or work around a providers schedule. I'm giving you the supporting documents and additional information that you'll never get in a classroom environment and I'm offering more than that, this is just covering the basics of the huge amount of benefits you automatically get from online training. HOW DO YOU KNOW YOU CAN TRUST US? Read these reviews from some of the people enrolled in our online courses......

You can also view us on TRUSTPILOT and join us on social media to see our huge following. We've trained well over 30,000 people over the past 9 years and now we're putting this online so more and more people can benefit from our services without increase their spend and without downtime. Your investment to our courses is minimal, training from £10, yes a tenner!!! It's affordable for everyone and yet offers the same high quality service you would expect from our traditional training methods. YES change is scary but it might just be the best decision you make. I know we can help you and your business, I know you'll benefit from our online courses and I challenge you to take the risk and change the result to get the one you want!!! Always remember.......

"If you've always done what you always do, you'll always get the same result so if you want something to change and you want a different result change the way you're doing it."

If you don't change, how can we improve the options for training to those in road haulage? Find out more about our online learning centre and all our online courses here >>>>>> www.ntponlinelearning.co.uk ***COMING SOON**** Keep an eye on your mailbox for more information coming out soon

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