Is Your Restricted Operator Licence at Risk?

Most companies that want to transport their own goods know that they will require a Restricted Operators Licence to do so if operating vehicles over 3.5 tonnes but can restricted operators achieve and meet the same compliance standards of those that hold a standard national or standard international licence who are required to employ a fully qualified transport manager?

In most instances, the answer to that question is NO, and the types of operator that can’t always meet the required standards are those for whom transport is secondary to their main business, such as restricted operators who carry out activities. For example plant hire, skip hire, scaffolding etc. Drivers that are employed at these companies will often say when asked what their occupation is “I am a scaffolder or I am a plant engineer!!” but if the same question is asked to an LGV/HGV driver regardless of the industry or size of vehicle they drive will, 99% of the time will say “I am a Lorry Driver!!”

The main reason why this is being pointed out is that most restricted operators do not believe that they are running a transport operation, as transport is secondary to their main business and that may not involve the use of LGV’s/HGV’s … However, this is where restricted operators really need to think again!

As a restricted operator, you ARE running a transport business which operates in a very highly regulated industry where it is paramount to stay on top of compliance and maintain a high level of compliance to the required standards that are expected within the transport industry.

So now please ask yourself; how exposed are you to risk?

Well, we can answer that question for you, every time one of your drivers takes one of your vehicles out on the road!!

The next question you need to ask yourself; can a regulatory body check your systems? The simple answer is YES!

Now just imagine yourself in this situation – Your ‘O’ licence was revoked, suspended or curtailed, how would you get your plant, scaffolding or skip equipment on to site? What would be the implications on your business, should you be hit with a huge fine? Or how would you or any other director of the company make a living if you were disqualified from being a director for up to a possible 10 years?

Now after reading this blog do you fear that you relate to the whole or even a small section of this blog, or you’re not sure if your processes and systems for the transport operation side of your business are at the level of compliance that is expected within road haulage transport operations, and now you want to check your complaint? well, we have made this easy for you to do!!


Operator Compliance – Self Audit for Transport Operators. This is an online audit process that you can follow to ensure compliance across your organisation.

Operating on a Restricted O'Licence - What you need to know. This online eLearning course will guide you through everything you need to know and do to ensure compliance in your organisation.

How will this benefit you?

•It will provide you with the information you need to carry out a compliance audit on your company

•It will show you any areas of weakness in your transport operation with regards to compliance

•It will show that you take compliance seriously and actively monitor company compliance

•You will know exactly which areas you must get right to be compliant

•It will help you identify areas for improvement

•You will have an overview of your transport operation in one clean document

•Helps keep OCRS in the green

Not only will you benefit from all the above, but you will also have full access to the online self-audit for 1 year.

Expert knowledge and guidance from our team for the duration that you have access to the online self-audit, including email and telephone support.

To find out more click the links for the courses above or call one of our friendly team on 01406 424500 to discuss your requirements and find out how we can help ensure compliance in your business.

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