Payment Plans Explained - The affordable way to gain your Transport Manager CPC

When we first launched our course on 1st December 2017 we had no idea that so many people wanted to up skill and gain the certificate of professional competence in transport management but it turns out they do and that’s great!

Since launching we’ve had lots of requests to provide a payment plan option to help spread the cost of the course. Initially we were very unsure because we didn’t know what the uptake would be and so we offered people the option of purchasing module blocks (where we break the course down into separate courses that can be purchased individually). This worked and we have students enrolled on our module block courses however, we knew we had to do better and we knew we had to listen, to you, our customers and we have, so I’m thrilled to finally tell you about the payment options we offer for the UK’s first and only fully interactive, online transport manager cpc course.

The Options

You have 5 options when it comes to paying for the course, you can

  • Pay for it in full at the time of ordering

  • Spread payments over 3 months

  • Spread payments over 6 months

  • Spread payments over 9 months

  • Spread payments over 12 months

The Prices

Full payment at the time of purchase £900 – no additional payments.

3 monthly payments @ £350.00 per month

6 monthly payments @ £200.00 per month

9 monthly payments @ £150.00 per month

12 monthly payments @ £125 per month

The prices quoted all include VAT at the current rate.

How Plans Work

You sign up to our plans the same way in which you would if buying the course outright however, instead of clicking on the £900 buy it now button you instead select the plan that suits you. (see more below in the sign up section)

All students purchasing on a plan gain access to the same content as those buying the course outright at the time of purchase.

At checkout you will be charged the initial monthly payment, for example, if you sign up to a 12 month plan you will be charged £125.00 at the time of order. The 11 remaining payments would be taken on the same date every month. So if you signed up today (22.02.18) , based on a 12 month plan, you would pay £125.00 today (22.02.18) and then another £125.00 on 22.03.18, £125.00 on 22.04.18, £125.00 on 22.05.18 and so on and so on until your payment plan is fully paid.

Payment is taken automatically from the card you register with us at the time of ordering so all you need to remember is to update your card details if they’re about to expire etc. but don’t worry because we’ll send you emails to remind you of this.

If payment fails you will lose access to the course, access will not be resorted until your account is paid up to date i.e. you’ll need to call us and manually pay the missed payment via card over the telephone or we’ll do it once you’ve updated the card details.

How to sign up

Signing up is very easy. All you need to do is follow the steps below

  1. Visit this link https://www.ntponlinelearning.co.uk/courses/cpconline

  2. Scroll down the page until you see “spread the cost with our payment plans……

  3. Decide which plan you want to sign up to and click BUY NOW

  4. Create an account and sign up

  5. Complete checkout

  6. Receive the welcome email and get instant access to the course


All our students benefit from full support. We are available via telephone, email, discussion feature within the course and through our student only Facebook groups.

Where can I find out more about the course?

Full course information is available by visiting www.myoperatorlicence.co.uk/cpconline

If you have any questions or want to speak to our team then please give us a call on 01406 424500 or send us a message

Terms and Conditions

Before purchasing the course you will be asked to tick to agree with our terms and condition, please read these very carefully before signing up. If you don’t agree with our terms then unfortunately you won’t be able to purchase the course.

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