Why is our Transport Manager Course different and what are the benefits?

Our new transport manager course is completely different from any other Transport Manager course currently offered in the UK. Our course is the first of its kind and is the UK’s only fully interactive online course.

Our aim remains the same as any other provider, to equip our students with the knowledge they need to successfully pass the OCR examinations to gain a Certificate of Professional Competence in Road Haulage. We firmly believe that our course will increase pass rates due to the content and support we offer.

Here's our video with our team answering the questions, exactly why is our course different and what are the benefits?

Our course has many differences to traditional study methods currently offered by other training providers. The benefits for students outweigh the cons tenfold and it’s suitable for anyone waiting to gain a recognised qualification and become a fully qualified Transport Manager.

Successful completion of the CPC award will qualify students to be nominated as the professionally competent person on a standard operator licence in any business – large or small and engaged in national or international operations. The OCR CPC award is a Level 3 qualification. Level 3 is considered to be an Advanced Level qualification.

Students undertaking our course will benefit from our fully interactive online course, the main benefits of the course are:

  • Access to all the information they need to successfully pass the OCR examinations and become a competent, qualified Transport Manager with an internationally recognised qualification.

  • The opportunity to save time by not having to take time off work to attend training sessions

  • Save money by completely avoiding travel and accommodation costs

  • Access to local examination centres makes it convenient for students to undertake examinations.

  • Full guidance on the examination process and how to arrange exams.

  • Provides a convenient way for students to undertaking training, allowing them to access the course from anywhere in the world 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

  • Give students the opportunity to participate in online live sessions, pre-examination sessions and online Q&A sessions with our experienced tutors

  • Provide students with supporting documents, notes, downloads, print offs etc. to allow them to have as much information as possible to hand to help them complete the course and successfully pass the examinations.

  • Help students recognise if they’re ready to undertake the examinations by completing knowledge based quizzes and mock exams

  • Provide students with support and guidance with our telephone support, email support and online study groups.

  • Give students the opportunity to work with others undertaking the course online with our students only online study groups

  • Provide students with access to the course for a year which will allow them to study at their own pace and at times to suit them.

  • Gives students the option to recover modules as many times as they wish

  • Gives students access to practise case studies and mock examinations

  • Includes the latest legislation which is added to as its released

  • Continuous development of the course to give students even more tools to gain the knowledge they need

  • Offers more to students that just the ability to pass the examination

  • Written in plain English that everyone can understand

  • Includes learning videos and revision summaries to cater for different learning styles and help students further.

The list of benefits goes on and shows just how different our course is. The value for money is exceptional and with students also able to purchase the course in blocks we’re making it affordable.

Our next video and blog will focus on frequently asked questions about our online Transport Manager course so keep your eyes peeled; it’ll be live and out there today!

Speak Soon


So do you want to know more? Register your interest here http://eepurl.com/daCJM9 and follow us across social media. Over the next 7 days before our launch day on the 1st December 2017 we’ll be producing videos and blogs talking about the benefits, what’s included and how you can get started on this brand new course.

All those who register their interest will be the first ones that are able to gain access to the course on launch day. So keep your eyes peeled for our email, it’ll be winging its way to you around 6:00AM GMT on 01/12/17.

We really can’t wait to have you with us over the next few days with our pre-launch information videos and we’re even more excited to have you enrolled as a student on our course.

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