Transport Manager CPC is changing forever on the 01/12/17

On the 1st December 2017 The Certificate in Professional Competence will change forever! Those who want to gain the qualification will have a new way to complete the course and achieve the OCR recognised qualification.

NTP are launching a brand new online, interactive course. This course will be the first of its kind in the UK and only available through our online training centre. Our experienced team of instructors, resources and writers have spent 1000s of hours creating a completely new course that’s easier to understand, easier to complete and offers full support to each and every student.

Our team firmly believes our interactive online course will see an increase in OCR examination pass rates and that students will have a much clearer understanding overall. This course has been designed to help students understand their duties and responsibilities as a qualified, professional Transport Manager and Transport Operator as well as gaining the required knowledge to successfully pass the OCR examinations.

At present students only have two options – home study or classroom based training, both methods have their own benefits and pitfalls however, in today’s modern world another option was needed to offer so much more than the other options that are currently available.

Our brand new Transport CPC Online Course will provide students with everything they need to successfully pass the examination. The course has been written in layman’s terms and includes interactive knowledge check quizzes that provide results for students instantly, videos covering each topic to cater for different learning styles, weekly live Q&A sessions, pre-examination online live study sessions, case studies, complete support from our tutors, supporting documents that students can download and save, notes for students to help them re-cap each module, support groups and more.

Our one of a kind course is launching on the 1st December 2017 and will retail at an introductory rate of £750+vat. Students will gain instant access once they sign up and can get started straight away. The beauty of our course means they’ll be able to login 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world. They’ll be no need to take time off work, no need to attend classroom based training, no need to have a huge folder of paperwork and no worries about tracking progress. It’s all handled online. All students will need to remember is their login details.

There will also be the option to purchase blocks of modules instead of the full course in one go. For £200+vat students will be able to gain access to 5 modules per time. It’ll be set up as 6 different courses and will allow students to purchase modules 1-5 first and then move on to 6-10 etc. as it suits them and as they can afford it.

We want more people to become fully qualified and follow their career dreams so we made sure we introduced options to make sure this course was still available to those who can’t afford the full upfront cost in one go. Students buying in module blocks won’t miss out on any of the benefits that our full course offers.

So do you want to know more? Register your interest and follow us on Facebook! Over the next 8 days before our launch day on the 1st December 2017 we’ll be producing videos and blogs talking about the benefits, what’s included and how you can get started on this brand new course.

All those who register their interest will be the first ones that are able to gain access to the course on launch day. So keep your eyes peeled for our email, it’ll be winging its way to you around 6:00AM GMT.

We really can’t wait to have you with us over the next few days with our pre-launch information videos and we’re even more excited to have you enrolled as a student on our course.

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