What you need to know about your OCRS (Operator Compliance Risk Score)

OCRS stands for operator compliance risk score, we’ve produced information below telling you exactly what you need to know about your OCRS. If you have further questions, please ask and we’ll be happy to help!

Your OCRS works on a 3 year rolling period with data that has been collected by the DVSA

Your OCRS is split in to 2 areas – the following 2 areas are combined and are used to calculate your OCRS

- Roadworthiness – Vehicle Tests (First test and ongoing annual tests) and Roadside inspections

- Traffic - Roadside inspections and prosecutions (for example, weighing checks, tachograph offences and drivers’ hours)

Your combined score is worked out by adding the total roadworthiness and traffic points together and dividing them by the total number of events the points came from. (See Example)


200 roadworthiness event points + 150 traffic event points = 350 combined points. These came from 4 roadworthiness events and 2 traffic events = 6 events.

350 combined points divided by 6 events = 58.33 points putting you the operator in the red band of the OCRS.

OCRS year weightings (Length of time to wait to reduce your score)

Older offences or defects have less impact on road safety, so the points for these reduce over the 3-year period OCRS uses.

The 3-year period is split into 3 blocks of 1 year, with a different weighting for each block.

This means that your ‘base score’ changes as offences and defects move from year 1 through to year 3.

Year 1 – no reduction on points, Year 2 – Quarter of combined points reduced, Year 3 – Half of combined points reduced.

No scores on OCRS

You won’t have a score for the roadworthiness or traffic categories if there’s no data available for you in the 3-year rolling period. It’s possible to have:

•a score for one category but not the other

•no score for both categories

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