Why should I register for my Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS) & what is it?

What is OCRS - OCRS, Operator Compliance Risk Score is a DVSA system based on the o’Licence where haulage companies register to gain access to their operator risk scores, also known as the Traffic Light System.

I’m a new operator will I have a OCRS score? – As a new operator licence holder you get won’t have a score until DVSA encounters vehicles on it. For example, through vehicle tests or roadside encounters.

I don’t have a operator licence do I need to register? – No you don’t need to register as You won’t have an OCRS if you only operate vehicles exempt from operator licensing, or light goods vehicles. The score is only based on vehicles on your operator’s licence.

How do I get points? - As an operator you get points when a test or inspection finds a defect or infringement of the rules. The more serious the defect or infringement, the more points you get.

Where do OCRS get there information from to allocate me a score? - The OCRS system is based on data collected by DVSA over a 3-year rolling period, Data is taken from annual MOT tests, roadside inspections and inspections at operators’ premises. The DVSA use the Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS) system to decide which vehicles should be inspected, It’s more likely that your vehicles will be stopped & inspected if your OCRS is high (Red), less likelihood of being stopped if your score is Amber and highly unlikely that your vehicle will be stopped if your score is in the Green (unless you are caught committing an offence)

Do all O’Licence holders have a OCRS score? – No, You might have no score if DVSA doesn’t have any data on you for roadworthiness or traffic enforcement's from the past 3 years and so they have no base line score and therefore give the colour status of Grey

Why is my base line score Grey? - Your score is Grey because you haven’t had any MOT failures vehicle or driver infringements over a Three year period, meaning that you are showing full compliance

How OCRS scores are calculated? - Your scores are split into 2 categories (Roadworthiness & Traffic) and when these two categories are added together creates a combined score. The combined score is worked out by adding the total roadworthiness and traffic points together and dividing them by the total number of events the points came from.

What is roadworthiness Scoring? - Vehicle tests (first tests, subsequent annual tests) and roadside inspections

Points for roadworthiness defects

Points for traffic offences

What is the scoring for DVSA prosecutions?
Points for DVSA prosecutions

Example of above point tables

You should always aspire to be in the Grey, your commercial vehicle must be able to pass an MOT test on every day that the vehicle is in use.

How do I register to see my OCRS score? – Click on the link below and register your details, you will be sent a password to access your score.


How can I get my scores to Green? - For more information about how we can help you to get to Green & stay there please contact us on 01406 424500 or email us at dmoore@ntpservices.co.uk

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