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How to make changes to your operator licence

Senior traffic commissioner Beverley Bell has warned hauliers to make TC’s aware of any changes to their operating licences and has asked membership bodies such as the RHA to remind operators that failure to do so could result in action being taken against their O-licence.

To help you make changes to your operator’s licence quickly and easily online please read on.

Once you have a goods vehicle operator’s licence, you may need to change certain details held on it. You can make some changes easily online.

You can…..

Use the Vehicle operator licensing self-service: manage your licence to pay your licence fees and make changes to your goods or public service vehicle (PSV) operator’s licence.

You’ll need to register first to use this service.

TIP: This service doesn’t work with Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 8 or later. Use another browser, eg Firefox or Safari.

Before you start you’ll need to register. To use the service you’ll need either:

  • a current operator’s licence number

  • the reference number from your operator licence application

Once you’ve registered you’ll be sent a password in the post within a week. You can then start using the online service.

What you can do

You can:

  • view a summary of your operator licence records

  • change your address or trading name

  • apply to add or remove operating centre information

  • pay licence fees

  • add or remove vehicles

  • apply to increase or decrease the number of vehicles you’re authorised to operate

  • order duplicate operator licence discs

All the underlined words are links and will take you directly to the page/form you need.

To make other changes you’ll need to fill in some forms instead. Below are the links to the forms required to make other changes that you aren’t able to do online.

Add more vehicles (up to your limit)

Use the form GV80 to apply to add more vehicles up to your authorised limit.

Change operating centre details or increase your vehicle limit

Use the form GV81 to apply to:

  • use more vehicles than your authorisation currently allows

  • change your operating centre

  • add a new operating centre

You’ll have to pay a fee to increase the number of vehicles authorised on your licence or change your operating centre.

Transfer your operating centre

Use form GV72 to transfer your operating centre to another operator, and send it with a completed GV81 form. You don’t need to advertise.

Change transport manager details or type of licence

Use form GV80A to:

  • upgrade your type of licence

  • change your nominated transport manager

  • add a transport manager to a licence

Read further guidance:

Change your correspondence or office address

Use form COA to tell the traffic commissioner about changing your correspondence or ‘establishment’ address (the place where you keep your important documents and data).

Surrendering your licence

Use form SUR1 to surrender your licence.

So there you have it, all you need to know to make changes to your operator’s licence.

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