Drug & Alcohol screening service launched after figures show 50% of people under the influence w

Fleets are being warned after new DVSA figures released show that 50% of drivers stopped by police tested positive for drugs in their systems. Warnings are going out across the industry as the police are being told to specifically follow-up on workplace drug-drivers meaning many businesses could be at risk of prosecution should they not have an adequate policy with proof of enforcement in place.

The Managing Director of the company providing the police with the drug testing kits said “Fleets better have a policy in place and they’d better be using it” He warned that a drink-and-drug policy alone was not enough and that it was more important than ever to show the policy had been implemented. He added that having evidence of a properly implemented drink-and-drug policy was “the only thing that will stop or reduce your corporate manslaughter responsibilities”.

Mike Bristow, spokesman for Brake said “with police now having the power to test for drugs at the roadside, there is no hiding place for those who endanger lives”

With police now having the power to test any driver at the roadside it’s more important than ever to ensure your company is taking the necessary steps to stop drink-and-drug driving across your fleet.

NTP have launched a new service to offer organisations the opportunity to put in place a robust policy and procedures. We are able to work with you and provide you with a suitable policy for your company and carry out the testing for you offering full traceability and evidence that you are taking responsibility and ensuring drivers are legal and safe to drive.

Daryl Moore, Business Development Manager for NTP Services Limited said “Having quality procedures in place is paramount to protect a business. Should a driver get stopped or have a collision and have traces of drugs or alcohol in their system it could lead to serious consequences for the employer. The HSE would be involved and it could lead to corporate manslaughter charges being brought against the company. It a no-brainer to protect your asset, that is your business”

She continued “The risk of random testing yourself is that you don’t have traceability, if you dismiss based on a incline or the wrong test you could have a tribunal on your hands that’s why it’s essential to have a qualified screening programme in place”

So how does it work? NTP’s friendly staff will visit your site, at times and on days agreed confidentially with yourself and carry out the necessary alcohol and drug screening for you. A first line screening test is taken using saliva and offers results within 10 minutes.

Advice and confidential support will be given throughout and confirmation of each person tested will be provided.

With every type of drug screening kit we use, all non-negative results need to be confirmed. This is to identify the substance and provide you with traceability and evidence of policy enforcement.

The ultimate confirmation test for all non-negative results is laboratory testing often abbreviated to GC/MS test of the original sample, which we will send off to be performed in an accredited laboratory and have the results back in 72hours.

Any samples collected that need to be Laboratory tested will have a full chain of custody system and documentation, to allow the reported certificate of results to be admissible evidentially in tribunal or disciplinary proceedings.

By us using a full chain of custody confirmation system, This will protect you as an employer from legal challenges following disciplinary proceedings and/or any litigation as a result of one of your drivers getting stopped / having a collision.

To find out more about this service please contact us on 01406 424922 or email dmoore@ntpservices.co.uk

This service is for anyone who employs drivers on the road, whether that be 1 or 100000000+ . Do not take the risk of not implementing a policy and drug testing procedure, drug driving convictions are on the up and you could find yourself in serious trouble.

DID YOU KNOW? Cannabis can stay in your system for up to 90 days, look at these examples below.

  • One Time User may show positive for 1-6 days

  • Moderate User may show positive for 7-13 days

  • Frequent User may show positive for 15 or more days

  • Heavy User may show positive for 30 or more days

  • Some Heavy Pot Smokers have reported being positive 45-90 days after quitting

How do you know that a member of your fleet doesn’t take drugs during their time away from work? Don’t take the risk; get a policy and testing programme in place today. Protect your assets and protect your business!!!

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