Before you can legally operate a transport business you must be granted an Operator Licence, without an operator licence your company will not be able to legally trade. The first step to obtaining an operator licence is to knowing what type of licence you need. The type of licence will vary dependent on what your business intends to do.

We offer a package to those wishing to obtain an operator licence.

What our 'O' Licence application package includes

  • Confidential consultation with our experienced friendly team. 

  • Completion of the GV79 application form

  • Completion of the TM1 application form (as required)

  • Creating of public notice for newspaper as required

  • Liaising with Traffic Commissioner as required

Our Fees

We charge a flat rate of £495  for our operator licence application service. The fee includes the services listed above.


There are additional statutory fees which are detailed as follows. These fees are fixed by the DVSA and newspaper publishes.

Additional Statutory Fees

DVSA Application Fee (The fee for DVSA to accept and process your application) £257

DVSA Interim Fee (For interim applications only, ask for details) £68

Public Notice Fee (To advertise your application, costs vary on location) £250

DVSA Licence Issue Fee (Payable upon approval of your licence) £401

Which type of licence do you need?

Restricted Operators Licence

This type of licence allows the carriage of your own goods, within the United Kingdom and across the European Community.


Typically, this type of licence is granted to businesses such as; skip-hire firms, scaffolding company’s, caterers, and shop-fitters, along with firms that deliver their own products directly to clients.

Standard National Operators Licence

This type of licence allows the carriage of your own goods within the United Kingdom and across the European Community, and to operate on a ‘hire and reward’ basis (charging for the transport of goods (not owned) within the UK only.


Typically, this type of licence is acquired by organisations engaged in general and specialised haulage activities, which provide transportation services within the United Kingdom. Under current legislation, this type of licence does not confer Community Authorisation, meaning it does not permit the carriage of goods for hire and reward throughout the EU.

International Operators Licence With Community Authorisation.


This type of licence allows the carriage of your own goods within the United Kingdom and across the European Community, and to operate on a ‘hire and reward’ basis (charging for the transport of goods not owned) throughout Europe.


Typically, this type of licence is sought by organisations engaged in international and inter-modal transport activities across Europe and beyond.

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What we need from you...

In order to process your application we will require information about the proposed operator, this will include some information that is deemed as confidential such as financial standing. You can rest assured that we operate a strict confidentiality policy and that your information will be handled in the strictest confidence and not passed on to any third party. 

The proposed operator will sign a declaration to confirm that they agree to adhere to all the undertakings listed within the conditions of the operator licence, it's extremely important that the operator is aware of the commitment they are going to undertake and have a clear understanding of what is expected of them. 

When we contact you regarding your application please have the information available to answer the following questions, this will help us evaluate your requirements and prepare the application for a successful outcome.

  • Why do you require an operator’s licence?

  • What type of operator licence do you need?

  • How many vehicles and trailers will you need?

  • Have you someplace suitable to park your vehicles and trailers?

  • Have you someone competent to conduct regular vehicle maintenance and inspections?

  • Can you provide evidence of ‘financial standing’ to the Traffic Commissioner?

  • Do you have sufficient knowledge to ensure operator compliance?


There are other criteria that you may need to satisfy, depending on the type of licence you require. Our fixed-fee application and expert consultation service will ensure you are fully aware of your responsibilities and the legal obligations you will be making when applying for a licence, and will provide you the best opportunity for a successful outcome for your application.

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