NTP is a family run business based in Spalding in Lincolnshire. NTP was set up back in 2009, with a vision to help companies within the road haulage and passenger transport industries have everything they could ever need, training wise, all in one place.

But Who is NTP?


Name: Daryl Moore

Job Title: Business Development Manager

Favourite Film: Cool Runnings

Specialist Subject on MasterMind: TV Soaps

My Party Trick Is: it's been that long since I went out I cant remember!

My Karaoke Song: I Will Survive (please don't ask me to sing it!)

Tell us 1 thing we wouldn't expect from you...I passed the exams to get into nursing college!


Name: Kelly Moore

Job Title: Training Manager

Favourite Film: Dirty Dancing

Specialist Subject MasterMind: I know that much, I couldn't pick one!

My Party Trick Is: Singing (or at least attempting it)

Karaoke Song: I Will Always Love You

Tell us 1 thing we wouldn't expect from you...I am a bit of a musician - I can play the recorder and the triangle!

Name: Mark Hancocks

Job Title: 

Favourite Film: Deadpool

Specialist Subject on MasterMind: Road Traffic Act (1988)

My Party Trick Is: catching peanuts in my mouth

My Karaoke Song: Bohemian Rhapsody

Tell us 1 thing we wouldn't expect from you...I won a dancing competition this year (it was a dirty dancing routine with one of the troopers at Parkdean resorts...if you were wondering!)

Name: Calvin Bird

Job Title: Sales/PA/PS (depends who you ask!)

Favourite Film: The Lion King

Specialist Subject on MasterMind: Manchester United

My Party Trick Is: I can clap one handed!

My Karaoke Song: Follow Me - Uncle Kracker

Tell us 1 thing we wouldn't expect from you...I can do the worm (or I could last time i tried - video evidence available upon request)

Working alongside our core office based team, we also have a skilled team of consultants and trainers based throughout the UK, as well as a team of IT Specialists and Marketing Experts.

Contact Us

139 High Road, Whaplode, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE12 6TX


customerservice@ntpservices.co.uk |  Tel: 01406 424500

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